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Lawn Care and Pest Control For Potlatch Idaho
Servicing Potlatch, ID for over 35 years.

Elevate your Potlatch, Idaho property's beauty and safeguard it from pests with Four Seasons Lawn and Pest! Since 1985, we've been a trusted, second-generation, family-owned business serving Potlatch and the surrounding areas. Specializing in lawn fertilizer, weed control, and pest management services, we understand the unique needs of our community. From tailored lawn treatments to expert pest extermination, our dedicated team ensures your property remains lush and pest-free year-round. Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, trust our expertise to enhance your outdoor space while protecting it from unwanted intruders. Experience the difference with Four Seasons Lawn and Pest – your partner for a vibrant, pest-free environment in Potlatch, Idaho!

Pest Control Packages 

Basic Pest Packages Includes:

Perimeter Pest Spray

Pest Plus Package Includes:

Perimeter Pest Spray

Shrubs & Trees

Insect Bait

Premium Pest Package Includes:
Perimeter Pest Spray

Shrubs & Trees

Insect Bait

Rodent Bait Stations

Our pest control services offer three packages tailored to your needs. Starting with our Basic Pest Control Package, designed to establish a protective barrier around your home, effectively preventing pests year-round. This thorough treatment is applied four times a year, meticulously covering 3 feet up the foundation of the structure and extending around windows, doors, and eaves. Upgrade to our Pest Plus package, which includes treatment for bushes and shrubs within 10 feet of the structure and granular insect bait for enhanced protection. For complete pest elimination, opt for our Premium Pest Control package, which includes everything in the Pest Plus package and two strategically placed rodent control stations. This comprehensive solution ensures your home is well-protected against a variety of pests.

Service Packages offered in Moscow

Lawn Care Packages 

Basic Lawn Packages Includes:


Weed Control

Our basic lawn care package offers a solution to ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant year-round. This package, which provides essential nutrient maintenance and weed control keeping your lawn vibrant and healthy throughout the season.

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