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Frequently Asked Questions 

General Questions

  • Billing

    • When will I get an invoice? All invoices are sent out and posted on the first of the month.

    • How will I receive my invoice? To do reduce paper waste and to make things as convenient as possible, customers can set up an online account where they can view and pay the invoice. If you do not have internet access or email, we do offer traditional mail invoices.

    • How can I pay my invoice? We accept credit cards, bill pay or checks.

    • Do you have an autopay option? Yes! Through your online customer account you can set up autopay.

  • Pre-Service Notification

    • Will you call me before every service? With everyone's busy schedules, we have found that pre-service text and email notifications are the quickest and easiest way to let you know we will be servicing your property.

    • Did not receive a notification? Please email or call us to confirm that your cell phone number is the primary contact and that text notifications are enabled on your account. 

Lawn Care Questions

  • What to expect with Lawn Applications

    • A technician will visit your property and apply a fertilizer and weed control to your lawn areas, the fertilizer and weed control used will beappropriate for the time of year and specifically formulated to help your lawn grow healthy and weed free.

    • After an application has been completed, if the application was a liquid, you and your pets will need to remain off the grass until the application is completely dry.

    • All of the products that we use on your property have been test and labeled for use on and around residential properties and are considered pet and human safe when the directions are followed.

  • What to expect with Mowing (lawn care package) service

    • Lawn mowing service is provided on a weekly basis for our lawn care package customers.

      • Lawn mowing visits include mowing the lawn area quoted in your initial agreed upon bid, string trimming the edges of the lawn as well as areas the lawn mower cannot reach, and blowing off any grass clippings ended up outside of the lawn area.​

      • Do you blade edge or "hard edge"?

        • The normal mowing visit does not include this service, but we are happy to add this by request at a small additional cost.

      • Do you bag the grass clippings?

Pest Control Questions

  • What to expect with Pest Spray

    • Perimeter pest control is our primary pest control service for residential and commercial properties. This service includes:

      • 3 feet up the foundation of the structure and 3 feet out onto the ground from the structure

      • Around areas where cables, pipes, and wires enter the structure

      • Around door frames and window frames

      • Around vents and soffits

      • In any areas on the structure where pests have been active

  •  Why don’t you spray the trees, shrubs and other landscape areas at the same time?

    • Our goal with our pest spray service is to prevent unwanted pests from entering your home. There are many beneficial insects that live outside that are an important part of the environment, like pollinating bees. These insects are not the target of our applications and can be negatively impacted if a blanket application is done to the entire property. 

    • Learn more about the beneficial insects in your lawn and garden here:

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